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Since 1987, NECI has provided the 9-1-1 profession with courses for training and certification of 9-1-1 employees at all levels. NECI provides basic 9-1-1 certification, advanced certification, continuing education, and instructor certification. All of NECI's training and 9-1-1 products are reasonably priced with guaranteed satisfaction. For a more in-depth review of NECI training courses, explore the course tabs at the top of this page.

Our commitment

NECI has an unparallelled commitment to customer satisfaction. And because every 9-1-1 center has different needs due to size, location, local government or state guidelines, we offer customized training programs. At NECI we believe in empowering PSAPs to conduct their own training. We believe that the ability for customers to present their own training saves them valuable time and money. NECI works closely with your trained instructors to make sure they have the resources they need to train your employees, on an ongoing basis.

9-1-1 Training

NECI offers several 9-1-1 Manager level training courses, including the 9-1-1 Manager Professional Development Course, Developing a 9-1-1 Policies and Procedures Manual, Developing a 9-1-1 Quality Assurance Program, and EMD Program Implementation.

NECI also offers National Instructor certification courses, including Basic 9-1-1 Communications, EMD Certification, and Fire Safety Communications instructor certification courses. If your state has specific training requirements that differ from existing NECI course curriculum, NECI will customize any course to meet your State's individual requirements.

NECI also offers an extensive array of continuing education courses. These courses include the topics of Crimes in Progress calls, Domestic Violence calls, Suicide calls, Bomb Threat calls, HAZMAT calls, Liability and Legal issues in 9-1-1, Stress Management in 9-1-1, and TDD calls.

Ready to Become a Certified 9-1-1 Instructor?

NECI can provide you with the training and certification you need to become a Nationally Certified 9-1-1 Instructor. Just fill out the information below and one of our education coordinators will contact you shortly.

The Latest News Update

  • F.C.C. Wants Better 911 Location Tracking for Cellphones Mar 13th 2014
    Want to dial 911 from a mobile phone? Better go outside. Chances are an operator cannot automatically find the location of an emergency call made indoors.
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  • Connecticut Supreme Court overturns 11.4 million verdict Oct 3rd 2013
    The Connecticut Supreme Court has overturned an $11.4 million jury verdict against the town of Clinton stemming from the lawsuit of a man injured in a 2005 car crash. The lawsuit alleged the town was responsible because a dispatcher failed to tell a volunteer firefighter, who had made a 911 call, to stop pursuing a car that had struck the firefighter's vehicle and sped away.
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